Monday, February 9, 2009

What are you looking for


The depth determines the fishing technique, and what type of lure or bait. The finder lets you see who may be at home down there, but it will not guarantee a catch. That part is up to your skills. In most fishing you will use your unit to look for underwater structure, such as tree stumps, ledges and significant bottom changes. Cover consists of underwater object such as tree stumps, weed beds, logs etc. You may also be looking for drop-offs which are gullies and channels or break-lines, which is a sharp bottom drop off point. You may just be looking for fish activity. If you locate a tight ball of baitfish then they are probably being chased by a predator. A loose school indicates no activity.

A finder is not necessarily going to tell you what the fish is. Image interpretation involves understanding both the underwater features and fish behaviour to distinguish between bait fish and the target fish. Distinguishing between the bass and the shad or other species is the angling part.

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