Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fish Finders- The first step is to figure out what fits into your budget. Once you know the amount you can spend,look at the features available for these fish finders to determine what features interest you so you can catch more fish.

Common Features of the Best Fish Finders

In general we recommend the purchase of simpler fish finders for beginners and then step up to advanced further down the line. There are a lot of features to learn about on the advanced fish finders so if you’re a beginner start simple and save yourself a few dollars.

For most people LCD finders will work great. CRT displays are great, but they require a lot of power and the cost of these fish finders really makes them more of a luxury than a need. LCD finders will find fish just like the CRT will without all of the unneeded features for your average weekend fisherman.

When it comes to fish finder displays, being able to read it in direct sunlight is half the battle. Any quality brand name LCD finder should work fine for most fishing needs.

Frequency of the fish finders is expressed in kHZ, you will have a variety to choose from. High frequency fish finders are for smaller bodies of water and show great bottom and fish detail. Low frequency finders are for larger bodies of water both from a depth and width perspective.

Good fish finders can make the difference between a great day of catching fish and a good day of fishing.

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