Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Early morning fishing trip

It was a very brisk early November morning and we were scheduled to leave the dock at 5am. I left my house at 4am,stopped at a deli and got a taylor ham,egg and cheese sandwich and a coffee and headed to the marina.Everyone arrived right behind me and grabbed the coolers and gear and boarded the boat.As we were headed out we ate and the mate set up the rods for those who did not have their own and in about an hour we are at a spot that the Furuno fish finder told the fish were.We are fishing for stripped bass and are using live eels on this day and it is absolutely freezing out on the water.In about 10 minutes I hooked one and started reeling it in and it is giving me a good fight.The mate grabs the net and pulls it in and let me tell you this fish was 45 inches and heavy,they did not have a scale to weigh it,and it was ultimately the biggest fish caught that day.Everyone pulled in their limit of 2 keepers and the captain had 2 tags so we had 2 extra fish and also had quite a few blue fish that I split with 1 other person because not too many people care for them.It was a great trip all around but very cold for early November but we could have stayed out all day if we could.


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