Friday, February 20, 2009

Fishing with my dad

When I was 13 my father asked me if I wanted to go fishing with him and my brother. I said yes and it was a nice clear summer morning and we headed down the shore.We boarded a party boat and a little while after that we headed out to the captains fishing spot and dropped our lines.We did not fish a lot so we used their rods and the mates took care of everything but reel in the fish when we hooked one.My brother got sea sick and went inside to sit down and me and my father both hooked a fish.When we reeled them in I had a blue fish and my father had a small fluke that had to be thrown back because it was too small to keep.Throughout the day we caught 4 more fish and the last fish before we headed in was on my line.I reeled it in slow because I was only 13 and not very big and when it came up it was a huge doormat fluke that was easily the biggest fish of the day.

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