Friday, January 23, 2009

Out fishing on the bay.

When I was 14 I was on vacation down the shore in Jersey and one day my dad had an idea to rent a small boat and go out in the bay and do a little fishing. Only 3 of us went and my dad grabbed some drop lines for crabbing and his rod and my friend I had there came with us and brought his 2 rods because I did not have one. We stopped at the tackle shop for some bait and headed to the bay and loaded up the boat. I have always gotten sea sick so I took dramamine and was fine. We set up and cast our lines and my dad used some chicken legs on the drop lines for the crabs. The day past as we reeled in some nice blue fish and about a half bushel of blue claw crabs. We really had a good time and went back to the house and had a feast with the fish and crabs we caught with some pasta and salad.

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