Friday, January 30, 2009

Just want to fish.

On a nice Sunday morning I was sitting outside on the porch thinking about what I could do. I hopped on my bike and rode around for a while and all I kept thing about was fishing. No body was around so I grabbed my rod and went to a pretty big river close to where I lived. I really can not stand worms so when I found one I hooked it while it was still on the ground so I would not have to touch it. I cast my line and sit and just think how great it would be if I was a fisherman when I grew up. Before too long I had a hit and I reeled it in but there was nothing on the hook. Whatever hit took my worm and I had to get another one so I went through the same process and cast my line. I waited for at least 3 hours and got another hit but this time I waited a few extra seconds and then it hit again and I hooked it and reeled it in with a little bit of a fight. It was a pretty big carp and had to weigh about 5 pounds and I looked at it and threw it back and did not catch another one the rest of the day.

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