Monday, April 6, 2009

Fishing surprise

It was a beautiful June afternoon, I was out on a charter in the bay and we were going fishing for stripped bass. The day started out great and a couple of people reeled in some nice fish. I do not have my own rod and really do not know much about them but I really enjoy fishing and when I get the chance I am on board. The mate put the bait on my hook and cast out for me and I just waited until I felt a hit. When it hit a couple of times I gave it a chance and then I hooked it and started to reel it in. This fish gave me a good fight and a workout and about 10 minutes of fighting and reeling I got it to the boat and to my surprise I caught a 3 foot sand shark. I never experienced anything like that before and I will never forget it and as the day went by everyone caught their limit of 2 strippers and I actually caught a 44 inch stripper which was the biggest fish of the day besides the shark.

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