Monday, March 16, 2009

How can I sneak up on fish?

Some freshwater fish are wary and easily spooked, quick to stop biting or head into less accessible deep water. Especially in smaller ponds, lakes and rivers, fish are well aware of the sounds in their underwater world and are startled by intruding ones, like paddles splashing in the water or gas-powered outboard motors . Quiet, clean electric trolling motors help anglers move undetected throughout your favorite fishing spots. Smooth steady paddling is the key to not disturbing fish in a kayak.
Electric trolling motors are made for every-sized boat, provide hours of quiet propulsion at a time, and are available at prices starting as low as $99. They come with batteries that are quickly, easily and inexpensively recharged through any electric outlet.
A kayak is generally a silent watercraft, and good paddling technique makes your kayak nearly undetectable as it slides across the water's surface. You want to avoid moving directly above fish, where your shadow might spook them, but your kayak can get you close enough to cast into productive water.
Trolling motors and kayaks enable anglers to sneak into bays, stump beds, cattails and other shallow water hotspots.

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